July 2023

Assessing Vitamin A Deficiency within the Indonesian Population 

KFI NewsLetter/Februari 2011/Volume 1/Section 5 The Government of Indonesia is preparing the Indonesian Quality Standard (“Standar Nasional Indonesia” – SNI) for cooking oil with vitamin A for 2011/2012. Cooking oil fortification with vitamin A in Indonesia was taken up based on an in-depth visibility study, which was carried out by KFI in 2005 with support by […]

Launching of the Taburia Project 

KFI NewsLetter/Februari 2011/Volume 1/Section 3 As many parents are hardly aware of the importance of micronutrient intake in their children‟s diet, the Ministry of Health has been trying to simplify the procedure of providing extra nutrients by producing a micronutrient powder called Taburia which is designed to ensure vitamin and mineral dietary adequacy in children. In […]

Launching of the Vitamin A Project 

KFI NewsLetter/Februari 2011/Volume 1/Section 2 On the occasion of the “National Nutrition Day” or “Hari Gizi Nasional”, the Ministry of Health and GAIN launched the Cooking Oil Fortification Project, which is jointly implemented with KFI and the Indonesian Nutrition Association (PERSAGI). The project will comprise five components: Production and Distribution, Quality Assurance, Social Marketing, Monitoring and […]

Dialogue on Vitamin A Fortification 

KFI NewsLetter/Februari 2011/Volume 1/Section 1  Greetings from the Chairman   “It is my pleasure to provide you with the latest KFI newsletter in which you will find information about our main activities and achievements of the past year. We have gone through a very exciting period and witnessed a number of significant developments – all of which […]