GAIN and KFI: Joining Forces for the Implementation of the Fortification Project 

KFI NewsLetter/Februari 2011/Volume 1/Section 4

In February 2010, KFI drafted a Plan of Action on how to cover 18 million people in Indonesia through the fortification of cooking oil with vitamin A. Already by July the same year, a legally binding agreement between GAIN and KFI was drawn up, which provides the basis for the joint project implementation. 

For KFI, the support of GAIN does not only consist of the provision of funding. More importantly, comes hand in hand with the orientation to strengthen a local NGO for dealing with private companies. This is an opportunity to ensure that KFI has the flexibility to implement a project of its own ideas and needs, thus rendering the organization independent and self-responsible. 

Among other activities, GAIN is set to support an Impact Study that will assess the status of vitamin A deficiency within the Indonesian population, before and after 12 months of consuming fortified oil. 

Marc van Ameringen, Executive Director of GAIN
Secretary General & Minister of Health

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