Launching of the Taburia Project 

KFI NewsLetter/Februari 2011/Volume 1/Section 3

As many parents are hardly aware of the importance of micronutrient intake in their children‟s diet, the Ministry of Health has been trying to simplify the procedure of providing extra nutrients by producing a micronutrient powder called Taburia which is designed to ensure vitamin and mineral dietary adequacy in children. In a study conducted by KFI, it was found that Taburia was well-accepted by both, parents and children, with a significant impact on reducing the risk of anemia. The study concluded that home-based micronutrient enrichment is one of the most effective ways to rapidly improve vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

The Taburia Project was also promoted during the National Nutrition Day in January 2011. Based on the strong positive impact demonstrated by the KFI evaluation of Taburia, it has been integrated into the six provinces of “Nutrition Improvement through Community Empowerment” (NICE) until 2012. 

Just as vitamin A fortification in cooking oil, Taburia constitutes a cost-effective way to prevent children‟s malnourishment: each sachet costs less than Rp. 500, which is less than 6 US cent. 250597

Dr. Minarto, Director for Community Nutrition at the Health Ministry, explained that the government would distribute Taburia micronutrient powder to low-income families with children aged between 6 to 24 months this year” (quoted in: Jakarta Post, 26 January 2011). 

Taburia, a micronutrient powder can improve vitamin and mineral deficiencies
The powder will be distributed in low-income families
Taburia costs less than Rp. 500 per sachet

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