Policy Brief

The Government of Indonesia has developed and implemented a large-scale food Fortification program in salt, wheat flour, and cooking oil. Until now, the fortification program still needs development to give maximum impact.

Recommendations of The Indonesian Fortification Coalition For a Large-Scale Food Fortification Policy in The National Development Plan (RPJPN) 2025-2045

Development of an Archipelagic Food System Based on Resources and Local Wisdom and Improved Nutrition Through Large-Scale Food Fortification (LSFF) to Achieve Quality and Productive Indonesian Human Resources

Mandatory Food Fortification and Stunting Reduction

A Strategy to Improve Indonesia’s Human Resources Towards a Golden Indonesia 2045

Importance of Target Achievement Universal Salt Iodization (USI)

Iodine deficiency is a problem in Indonesia. Based on the level of the problem, Indonesia is categorized as mild iodine deficiency