Focus Group Discussion on Salt Fortification

KFI KFI ensure of the importance of Communication Strategy in carrying the advocation program fortifikasi to strengthen food fortification efforts in Indonesia. The Communication Strategy will provide general guidance in implementing various outreach and social behaviour change promotion activities, as it will set the tone and direction of all communication activities, products, and materials work in harmony.

Among others, a behavioural analysis on food fortification issues is held to develop the National Communication Strategy for Food Fortification. A series of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) have been implemented from 19 – 29 August 2023, to the key actors and explore their key behaviours that could be intervened through communication approaches. They are representatives of consumers i.e. pregnant and lactating mothers, mothers with school age children, household assistances, private sectors i.e. salt farmers, salt, wheat flour and palm oil producers, fortificant’s producers and the industries association, representatives from related Ministries and government institutions, local governments,

The Social Ecological Model (SEM) is used to find out more deeply on the problems related to food fortification. For each target group, several materials have been discussed and prepared in advance including scenario of discussion, topics to be deepened, instrument and lists of guided questions to:

  • dig deeper into the perspectives and factors behind attitudes and public policies issued by stakeholders, including programs and budget allocations related to fortification, priorities and obstacles faced, supporting factors, existing competing interests, lessons learned and good practices who want to continue.
  • exploring the problems faced by industry players (pain points) and their expectations.
  • explore knowledge, attitudes, aspirations, and other factors that influence the behaviours of small farmers/producers.
  • exploring the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours of the Household/Housewife audience regarding the use of iodized salt and knowledge regarding fortification in general, as well as health problems due to deficiencies of certain nutrients/micronutrients

FGD with consumers

FGD in Sumenep

Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan
Dinas Kesehatan
Dinas Kesehatan
PT Garam
Petani Garam
Petani Garam

FGD dengan KL

FGD with food industries and associations

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